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“Owls are generally solitary, but when seen together the group is called a ‘PARLIAMENT’ as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition”

1878 Bricks used as Ballast from ships carrying boilers for the Story Bridge Hotel in Kangaroo point, were then used to construct the building. Originally operated as a butcher and grocer, the turn of the century saw the building transform into a general store until 1930.

1930-2013 ‘Carroll House’

In the years of 1930-1980 the terrace building was used for multi purposes from accommodation to professional offices. In 1980 the building was named after the then-owner Tom Carroll, Carroll House and the three adjoining terraces were converted into professional offices.

2013 ‘Old Parliament House’

KPT Land Pty Ltd bought the commercial property in 2013 quickly returning the building to its former heritage. The building’s original architecture was revived through rebuilding the verandas, rendering the exposed brick and ensuring the original brick chimney is prominently seen. NightOwl Convenience Kangaroo Point, Parliament House, collaborates the old with the new establishing a modern Convenience store.

2017 ‘New Parliament House’

Comprising of five levels, the building was constructed with a cantilever design over the existing, original building. Opened in April 2017 with a fundamental vision to focus on complimenting the historic building by contrasting contemporary architecture. Inevitably, continuing the legacy of Kangaroo point’s abundant history.

Now home to a great mix of successful businesses including, NightOwl Convenience Head Office, Parliament Studio, Snap Fitness, Christian Jacques Patisserie, and Coyote Software.

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