We bring together the right mix of tenants that mutually benefit each other from being in close proximity. An experienced team, with a growing portfolio of all types of properties stretching from Cairns to Brisbane.

What our clients are saying

“We have been a tenant of one of Think Commercial’s property for quite some time and are in contact with the team on a regular basis. In all of all interactions with the team, all their staff are extremely friendly, proactive and helpful. They are always there to assist with any questions and act promptly on any problems we have. Nothing is ever a hassle and always done with a smile and positive attitude”

“Choosing the right location for a business is fundamental to its success and requires careful consideration. In addition to “prime position”, other factors such as regular maintenance and upgrades of the building and open, responsive communication from management are vital. After 24 years in business, I continue to be impressed with the vision the Think Commercial team have for this Townsville property I am a tenant in, its position within the streetscape, and the warm relationship we have developed.”

“We have been a tenant of 217 Sheridan, one of Think Commercial’s properties, for 5 years. They are excellent to deal with and do a fantastic job for tenants. When we request something, they respond quickly and act promptly.

During the COVID 19 period, they helped us and gave some advice which was helpful.

Sushi Train North Cairns is one of the successful shops in our area.”

“I have been a tenant of Think Commercial’s for more than 8 years. Everyone working at Think Commercial are very professional and extremely friendly, understandable and helpful. They look after tenants issues very seriously and try to resolve it on the same day.
To make processes quick Adam (Landlord) gets involved himself and make sure everything gets resolved.
It’s a pleasure dealing with Adam and whole Think Commercial team and I highly recommend them.”

“The team at Think Commercial are always professional and friendly when it comes to contacting them for any problems we may have. Their prompt action and helpfulness makes it an easy and timeless process to resolve issues around the property when needed. The staff are extremely friendly and acquainting, making each encounter hassle free and quick.”

“Since the commencement of our tenancy in 2019 the friendly and courteous Think Commercial staff have been more than helpful.

In particular, Craig and his maintenance crew have been very obliging in attending to our maintenance or service requests. The professional approach when dealing with our staff and the timeliness in carrying out and completing maintenance has enabled our business to continue with minimal impact.”

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